We accomplished a lot in a short time.

Sustainable Seacoast began in 2017 as a dream and desire to inspire restaurants to reduce single-use plastic and minimize waste in general. We moved quickly from that idea through building an organization, working with others to "Skip the Straw", enlisting over 25 restaurants as Sustainable Seacoast restaurants, eliminating demand for 20,000 + plastic bottles per year at the Music Hall, working with numerous events around the Seacoast to design zero-waste, plastic water bottle free events, and so much more.

The difficult decision to dissolve Sustainable Seacoast.

As everyone knows, 2020 has been one for the record books. While the circumstances of 2020 contributed to our decision, we also weighed our difficulty with maintaining volunteers and funding in a geographic area containing many deserving organizations and causes. We ultimately came to the conclusion that our financial and physical efforts would be put to better use supporting existing organizations rather than exerting energy maintaining another organization.

Moving forward, we will be supporting similarly missioned, local organizations.

We're lucky to be surrounded by amazing organizations and like minded people here on the Seacoast. Please take a moment to look into and consider supporting these local organizations that are working on keeping our environment a clean and healthy place for everyone to enjoy. In accordance with the law involving our status as a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we will be donating the balance of our funds distributed between several similarly missioned local nonprofits.

Thank you for your support and commitment to our beautiful Seacoast community!

We are incredibly grateful and inspired by the support and commitment we received as we worked with local restaurants, businesses, events, organizations, and the community as a whole. Your support and commitment have fueled us along the way and we're strengthened by the knowledge that we'll see you out there with us as we volunteer and support the many other environmental organizations in our community.

With immense gratitude,
– The Sustainables

Contact info@SustainableSeacoast.org