Our Mission

Eliminating single-use plastics in the Seacoast’s restaurant industry

Studies have shown that 67% of street litter is food industry disposables, much of which is single-use plastic. Our communities and oceans are increasingly becoming home to everlasting ‘disposable’ plastics. At the very least they ruin the beauty of our surroundings, more tragically, they pollute our environment with toxic chemicals and end in death for our land and sea wildlife.

Our goal is to establish a membership base whose combined voice will convey their desire for environmentally responsible restaurants. We will use that collective voice to encourage restaurants to work with us toward eliminating single-use plastics and improving their overall sustainability. 

We will inspire action by providing educational opportunities and community events for our restaurants and supporters to collaborate and create solutions toward getting rid of single-use plastic.

Sound good?

Patron Membership

Support like-minded, environmentally conscious businesses

Membership Benefits

  • Discounts at participating member restaurants
  • Invitations to pop-up events at rotating member restaurants
  • Invitations to members-only educational events
  • Free/reduced costs to film screenings
  • Access to a directory of member restaurants
  • Access to networking opportunities with restaurants and other members
  • All the warm fuzzies of knowing you’re making the world a better place!

Restaurant Membership

what it means to be a restaurant member

a committment to:

✓ Reusable dinnerware for dine in guests

✓ No polystyrene

✓ No Plastic bags

✓ Proper recycling practices followed

✓ Straws & To-Go utensils ‘On demand’ only

✓ If bio-plastics are offered, commercial composting service and receptacles must be provided

✓ Commit to continue working on sustainability practices and Next Step Opportunities

✓ Patron Member perk: ie. high fives, hugs, exclusives, or discounts

Click below for all the details and benefits of being a Sustainable Seacoast Member Restaurant.

The Latest News

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Head over to our blog to learn more about Sustainable Seacoast and our members in the community.

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