Our Mission:

Reduce the Seacoast’s impact on the environment through education, activism, and advocacy.

Our primary goal is to eliminate single-use plastic from the restaurant industry.

Studies have shown that 67% of street litter is food industry disposables, much of which is single-use plastic. Our beaches and oceans are increasingly becoming home to everlasting ‘disposable’ plastics. At the very least they ruin the beauty of our surroundings, more tragically, they pollute our environment with toxic chemicals and end in death for our land and sea wildlife.

The combined voice of Members like you will convey their desire for environmentally responsible restaurants. We will use that collective voice to encourage restaurants to work with us toward eliminating single-use plastics and improving their overall sustainability.

We will inspire action by providing educational opportunities and community events for our restaurants and supporters to collaborate and create solutions toward our mission.

You can help us today by becoming a member and supporting our Member Restaurants.